Quality Control

NFP’s quality measures ensure rigorous standards in nutritional value and dependability.


The NFP facility adheres to GMP manufacturing methods and is FDA-licensed with approval from the NSF and SQF. Every manufacturing process at NFP Holdings is required to follow Standard Operating Procedures that meet both our customers’ specifications and our internal requirements.

A Master Manufacturing Record is created for each individual product. Every step of the production process is documented and tracked by the Quality Assurance team, as evidenced by detailed Batch Records. These, along with additional records we keep to ensure we meet our own high standards, are reviewed by our Production and Quality staff throughout each step of the production cycle.

All finished products undergo a detailed inspection followed by Quality Assurance testing, as well as a thorough review of batch paperwork. Once testing is completed by the Quality Control laboratory and the manufacturing is finalized, the QA team conducts a final examination of the finished product and all its paperwork from throughout the entirety of the process. Once approved, each lot is issued a Certificate of Analysis.

NFP’s particle science expertise and capabilities ensure your production of formulas and ingredients is optimized from benchtop through commercialization

Partner with NFP to effectively and efficiently drive the quality, value, and scale of your products.