Agglomerations & Instantizing

NFP is proud to boast high throughput capacities. Our expert team has extensive experience making insoluble ingredients dissolve into solutions and improving flow for difficult-to-package products. We can grind and micronize to decrease particle size and we can also agglomerate or granulate to increase size. These capabilities allow us to include a wider range of ingredients in a custom premix without risk of separation or loss of homogeneity.

Our Ingredient Processing Services and Capabilities

Fluid Bed Granulations

High and Low Shear Granulation

Dry Blending


Micronutrient Premixes and Triturations

Milling, Sieving, Sizing, and Metal Detection

Product Reclamation (Including Tablets & Hard-shell Capsules)

R&D Services

Organic Clean Label Experts

Physical Characterization Testing and Interpretation 

NFP’s particle science expertise and capabilities ensure your production of formulas and ingredients is optimized from benchtop through commercialization.

Partner with NFP to effectively and efficiently drive the quality, value, and scale of your products.