Organic Clean Label Experts

At NFP, we fully embrace the clean label movement. Our team is continuously utilizing resources (lab and ingredient suppliers) to assess naturally sourced organic excipient alternatives that truly function as flow aids, tablet binders, tablet lubricants, tablet disintegrants, and capsule excipient mixes, among others. As with all things we do, the focus is on proven commercial application and high-speed results.

NFP’s subject matter experts have been doing this for over two decades, and during this time, we’ve learned what will and will not work on your equipment. Unlike other natural excipient suppliers, our in-house certified organic processing capabilities (high-shear granulation, fluid bed granulation, blending, sizing) allow us to intentionally manipulate natural excipient properties to meet your specific needs.

NFP understands that each new formulation is a balancing act. Our know-how paired with your Product Development team helps accelerate critical decisions to get your product to market as quickly as feasible.

NFP Processing provides customized manufacturing solutions for our clients, both turnkey and toll. Our equipment and expertise allow us to intentionally manipulate the physical properties of a problematic product to eliminate quality defects and ensure high-speed manufacturing. These same capabilities routinely help our clients safely reclaim valuable commercial products. NFP Processing’s equipment allows for rapid scale-up, with most projects transferring from pilot to commercial scales in only a few weeks.

Our Ingredient Processing Services and Capabilities

Fluid Bed Granulations

Agglomerations and Instantizing

High and Low Shear Granulation

Dry Blending


Micronutrient Premixes and Triturations

Milling, Sieving, Sizing, and Metal Detection

Product Reclamation (Including Tablets & Hard-shell Capsules)

R&D Services

On-Site Rapid Development Services

We're committed to maintaining the highest standards of quality and food safety without compromising on cost or speed.

NFP’s particle science expertise and capabilities ensure your production of formulas and ingredients is optimized from benchtop through commercialization

Partner with NFP to effectively and efficiently drive the quality, value, and scale of your products.